Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last Stand Against Same Sex Marriage in Texas

I just read this article in the Texas Observer, here, and it's always shocking at the disconnect between what's happening in my circle versus what's happening in political circles.  There's a group of our fellow Texans that still believe their time, talent, and treasure needs to focus on "protecting" traditional marriage from (gasp) the gays!

Of all the things my elected state officials could do - this is what they are doing?  They're celebrating the 10 year ban of gay marriage in Texas?   They even brought a wedding cake.   I wish these people would focus on something else more positive.

Sometimes I'm not certain everyone understand that the USA is a republic not a theocracy?  Our elected officials do not rule in the name of God.


  1. Agreed! Separation of church (religion) and state (gov't) means just that - neither one dictates the others beliefs/laws/. . . . So annoying.

  2. SURELY, the Supreme Court will solve the problem this summer. Scalia and Thomas will be in the minority - we need 5 of the other 7.