Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday Lunch Part II

Here's a picture of Paxten; she is my brother's youngest daughter.  She liked to take ice cubes out of our iced tea glasses on Sunday, she's holding ice in her right hand, she is such a sweet little monster that no one seemed to mind having her little hand dipping into their glass.

When I posted what we ate on Sunday, here, I forgot to include my brother's grilled bacon wrapped scallops.  They shouldn't have been forgotten, because they were very tasty. I would like to now make a complete list of Sunday's menu:
  • My brother's unforgettable grilled bacon wrapped scallops
  • Lora's famous fish tacos with all the fixings
  • My mom's mango and black bean salad
  • My mom's chilled avocado soup
  • My mom's Asian broccoli crunch salad
  • My husband's award winning guacamole 
  • My grandmother's seven layer dip
  • Chips and salsa
  • My mom's homemade chocolate ice cream (for dessert)

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