Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day

Today, June 14, is National Flag Day.  I work closely with two other financial analyst, both are hetero, and all day in meetings, during conference calls, and at lunch they kept wishing me "happy flag day" and asking if I was going to the "flag (day) parade."  Of course the joke is that the word "flag" is very similar to the derogatory word for homos.  Those guys are my good friends and we give each other a hard time, always, which means I'm laughing along with them...

Plus, I think it's healthy for other people in our office to see us joke around, because I'm almost certain I'm the only gay guy in our 35 floor building.  I feel like I'm the only gay guy most of my office knows.  The humor gets people talking. We're the red neck, womanizer, and gay guy office trio.  On paper, we're extremely different, but in real life we're extremely good friends. 

Happy Flag Day!    

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