Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hooray for Youth

Our world gets better each day.  When I stumble across a vintage photo of two men that may have been gay I am reminded at how lucky I am to be living in our time.  All the gay men that lived before me lived in a more difficult world.  For homos, today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.  If I live long enough, then my husband and I will be able to marry in our state of Texas- no doubt.

I'm still excited about New York granting same sex marriage last week; in that state an individual is free to marry the person they love.  I was also excited to read a new poll that finds most New Yorkers support same sex marriage, and the youth especially support same sex marriage! 

State voters support 54 – 40 percent a law allowing same-sex couples to marry, with voters under 35 supporting the measure 70 – 26 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday. Voters 35 to 64 years old also support the measure, while voters over 65 oppose it 57 – 37 percent.

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