Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend Away

Dooley is spending the weekend at her grandparents', Susu and Poppy's, house.  My parents successfully reared two sons.  My parents currently own two Jack Russell Terriers (Lucy and Annie) and my parents have been dog owners and dog lovers for their entire life together.  Nonetheless, I still typed out an email on how to properly take care of Dooley this weekend.  Apparently my email was over-kill because my parents made fun of me at our rendezvous location in the Central Market parking lot where I handed over our baby girl and all her stuff.

When I got home my husband said that he wondered what my email will say when we have human babies that we're leaving for the weekend at my parents' house...

Trigger is spending the weekend at his grandparents', Yaya and Papa's, house.  I will hold back and not send them an email.

I would be worried that I'm going to be a crazy dad, but I'm already a crazy dad.

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