Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby Fund

As humans are we biologically programmed to go baby-crazy when spring is in the air?  It seems to me that more now than at any other time in our history we have friends and family members asking about our baby plans:  "Are we adopting?"  "Are we using surrogacy?"  "If we're going to have a baby, when?" 

It makes me feel so normal when we get these questions.

According to our research, it cost around $30,000 to adopt, but I don't think adoption will work for us.  We would only want to adopt an infant, which means we'd have to be picked by a birth mother or we'd have to wait for years.  I want to be in control of our future, and I don't want to be waiting for a mother to pick us.

According to our research, it cost between $75,000 and $100,000 to have a child through surrogacy.  (Surrogacy is defined as one woman's egg, our sperm, and another woman's womb.)  Given the two options surrogacy appears to be the best option for us.  As such, we've created a baby fund where we're saving extra money for surrogacy.  (Our friend Josh, who is president of a west Texas bank, told us that he could set up financing for adoption or surrogacy, but we don't want to finance a child.)  We're saving money, and according to our plan it'll be three to four years before we have the funds to move forward with surrogacy.

The Takeaways: Yes, we want to have a baby.  Yes, we plan on using surrogacy to create our family, and according to our current plan it'll be around 2014 before we have the funds for a baby.

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