Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Republicans Are Getting Smarter

The RNC's website Hope Isn't Hiring has been removed, and now it just redirects you to the RNC website.  I went to the Hope Isn't Hiring website before it was removed because I had to see with my own eyes the anti-gayness the RNC was projecting out into the world.  I've been annoyed with Republicans ever since George W. Bush used gays as a tool to drive fear into his base.  Remember when we were at war and W. wanted to pass a constitutional amendment to exclude gay people from marriage?  I've never understood how my marriage would affect your marriage?  I still don't understand why I can't get married to the one I love?  Republicans can be evil because in this century they've used gay people, a minority, as a tool to get elected. 

Since they've taken down their anti-gay website do you think that Republicans are getting smarter?   Do they realize that in the long run their gay fearmongering isn't going to work?  And if you're a Republican reading this and you're not anti-gay, then why are you letting your party be anti-gay?

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  1. Um. I'm waiting for you to post pictures of the display of the food you served last night........