Monday, April 25, 2011

New Ina Dishes

It's always fun to try new recipes. At Easter I tried two new recipes from Ina's newest cookbook: Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That?  We served her lobster and shells pasta salad and her mocha chocolate ice box cake. (Along with grilled beef tenderloin, grilled jalapenos stuff with cream cheese wrapped in bacon, spinach and artichoke dip,  grilled vegetables, rolls, deviled eggs, and mixed green salad!) 

I will for sure make the pasta and shells again, but the mocha chocolate ice box cake wasn't what I was expecting. To be fair to Ina's ice box cake, it didn't have a chance once my mother brought her cream cheese pie to the party.  You should try to befriend my mother just so you can taste her cream cheese pie!  It's so cream, so vanilla-y, so delicious!  It might be my favorite dessert, ever.


  1. Who bought the key lime torte? It was amazing. What foresight to bring such a great dessert by whomever that was.

  2. I got the book from the library after reading your post and plan to try a few recipes.