Saturday, January 1, 2011

Worldly Friends

We had three worldly individuals sleeping under our roof on Thursday night. One of my college friends is a citizen of Poland, U.S.A, and Australia, and she brought along her friend that is a citizen of Poland and Canada. We all went to the airport to pick up their friend that is a citizen of Ireland.

One of the biggest benefits of college is the network of friends you make. I've never left North America, but we were hosting three lovely non-native individuals for one night. It was greatness.

The Irish woman, Mary, was very interested to explore our home and see how we lived. I was happy to be the representative gay couple living in Texas. My husband showed them a real Texas margarita, which was a big hit and they drank them all night long. Occasionally I feel like a foreigner in my own life since our society isn't always so welcoming of gays, but when we had a house full of foreigners I've never felt more at home...

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