Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nippy Weather

According to the weather forecast (and the nip in the air) it's going to get cold tonight in Dallas. My husband's mother (a master gardener) telephoned us to remind us to water our new crepe myrtle...

...which reminds me of a few of my mental deficiencies:

I've never understood the science that explains why watering plants before it gets cold helps them out. Similarly, I've never understood the science behind salt and the freezing temperature of water. However, I don't need to understand this science because I am not a scientist AND I am married to a man that understands how it all works.

No worries. My husband's mind stores scientific and mathematical information; whereas my mind stores fun facts about Oprah (her favorite color is green) and other nonsensical tidbits about our life together. It's a good combo.

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