Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Twins' Room

As we have safely arrived on the other side of 14 weeks, with the twins expected to enter this world between 36 and 38 weeks (mid to late March 2016) it is time to get serious about the nursery.

As I stated in this post, my inspiration is the above photo; I saw it years ago and knew when I got the chance to decorate a nursery I would pick something interesting, whimsical, and not cartoon-ish.  I'm still leading with the ideal if our sons are surrounded by a beautiful environment, then they will act in a beautiful way.

The art is hung on the walls.

The cribs and changing table are ordered from Dwell Studio.

 I'm often asked: what's your nursery theme?  I state simply: Midcentury modern!  No one seems to understand, but I will post pictures when it all comes together.

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