Saturday, October 17, 2015

Real Mouse In the House

We live ten minutes from downtown Dallas in an area known as Lakewood, which is East Dallas and sits on the west side of White Rock Lake.  With the lake, the creeks, the hike and bike trails, and the golf course this neighborhood doesn't feel like it's ten minutes from the downtown area of the ninth largest city in the US.  This is why this neighborhood is hot.

In this environment the wildlife is more robust than a normal neighborhood.  We have coyotes (that have been known to eat pets), we have hawks (that my husband saw eat our squirrels), we have mosquito (that eat all of us).  Another creature that is in abundance is rats and mice.  We really have to stay on top of exterminating the rats and mice because before we moved into this house in April 2014, we had to repair damage in our attic created by those little guys.

Last week I was watching Dooley on the nanny camera.  Yes, my husband set up a camera so I could watch the dogs who are confined to the office while I'm at work.  On the nanny camera, I saw Dooley playing with a toy inside the office.   She was throwing it up, chasing after it, and running around with the toy.  I thought to myself adding a puppy to our household, Damon, really brought out the youthful spirit in our 5 year old Dooley.

When I got home, my husband informed me that there was a dead (big) mouse (rat?) in the office.  Yes, Dooley was playing with a my house.

This place is too wild for me. I'm going to start looking for houses 5 minutes from downtown.

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