Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's Raining...

Story time: It was a dark and stormy weekend in Dallas.  (No really, it was a dark and stormy weekend in Dallas.  It's been raining all week.)  Early, early Saturday morning I had the two Frenchies (Dooley & Damon) in the backyard.  I was walking around with the umbrella (ella, ella) encouraging them to "hurry up" (our command for "go pee") when all the sudden a very high pitched noise came from the sky!  Trigger, our good looking hound, darted outside from the doggie door trying to locate the sound.  As I'm scuttling to the porch I heard a significant thud from behind, when I turn around I see a rat dying on the ground under our tree .  He was clearing dying from poisoning.   Eeks!

I tried not to be helpless.  I took two of three beasts inside.  The Frenchies hadn't located Mr. Rat, but Trigger's nose picks everything up.  He located Mr. Rat.  I finally got him inside too.  With three beasts safely inside, I went to the garage to get a shovel. I was going to take care of the dying rat.  The key takeaway at this part of the story is that I tried not to be helpless.

I tried.

I am helpless.  I couldn't handle it.  I am helpless around dying wild animals with long snake-like tails.  I went inside and woke my husband up and told him the story.  (It was a dark and stormy weekend in Dallas...) A rat fell from the sky.  He's not 100% dead.  He's suffering in the rain.

My husband got out of bed...

I stayed safely in bed safely under the covers. Safely.  When my husband returned to bed I asked if Mr. Rat was still alive.  He told me not to ask any questions.  He said, "I took care of it."

And that's one of the many things I love about my husband: when I am weak he is strong.  "I took care of it." That's right!  My husband took care of it.  I guess now I need to take care of him...

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  1. Your stories are so good, even about something so gross - a rat dropping from the sky. Love it. And I love the team that you two are!