Monday, June 15, 2015

I love you, thank you

We spent a lovely weekend hanging out at the lake with our surrogate and her husband and children.  It's fun getting to know her and her family before she carries our baby.  Our surrogate gave us these hilarious hand towels, which are now hanging out in our master bathroom, because she remembered the story we told in our profile:  Within the first week of meeting, my husband told me (for the first of an infinite number of times!) that he loved me. I replied with “thank you” – a moment that my husband still brings up. (Do you remember the time I told you ‘I love you’ and you said “thank you”?)

Our current timeline has our embryo transfers scheduled for the end of July, which means after six months it's all about to start happening! 


  1. So excited for both you, and for all of us. What a fabulous addition to our family your kiddos will be!!!

  2. SO glad you like it, we had a WONDERFUL time!