Monday, June 1, 2015

Over Eleven Years Ago

On Saturday my husband and I went to get our hair did at Floyd's 99 Barbershop; I get the balding man special: my head is shaved all over with a 1.5, and my eyebrows (where the thickest hair on my head is located) are trimmed.

While I was sitting in the chair the young gay guy shearing my head asked why I was sunburned, and I told him we had been at my husband's parents' house cleaning up flood mess in their yard.  He then asked how long my husband and I had been together, and I informed him our first date was over 11 years ago.

The gay guy cutting my hair was stunned.  ELEVEN YEARS!  He congratulated us.

I don't think the young gay community is aware of the many gay couples in long term relationships.  We exist, but you'll find us at the at home, at the grocery store,  at the yoga studio, or at the barbershop.  We don't travel in the party circuit.

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