Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bedtime Stall

If I could get my nieces in bed thirty minutes before bedtime, then I'd read them books and or tell them "stories from my head," as requested.  However, my little nieces who more likely than not have a higher IQ's than me enjoy stretching out bedtime with sweet little requests for more interactions.
"Tell us stories Pat-Pat, tell us stories!"

It's a trap.  It's an emotional trap.

I don't support being used to delay sleep.

I kiss my girls.  I tell them how lucky they are to be traveling through this world with a sister, since I'm lucky to have traveled this world with my brother (their father); only a sibling sees the full arch of your life.  I usually throw in something negative about my brother at the end- like he's weak, he's not funny, and he cannot stand on his head (neither can I, but they don't know this; I hope they return home requesting head stands from my brother).  They do know my brother is their father, and they defend him ferociously against my jabs.

Finally, after they stop jibber jabbering on about how great their father is, I encourage them to tell each other stories.  I turn out the lights.  I walk downstairs and sit next to the baby monitor to listen at the 15 to 20 minutes of songs, stories, and shenanigans my nieces are creating.  I love it.

The girls love each other and they love to annoy each other; however, at the end of the day when they are alone upstairs in twin beds next to each other they seem to only love each other.  It's peaceful.


  1. Oh my. This is sweet.

  2. What special times and perspectives you give them, Pat-Pat. There's nothing better than family love.