Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vacation Time Out

I had to take a vacation "time-out" because I had issues with my tummy.  My American belly was not used to the farm-to-table Georgian culture.  All the food is fresh.  At a restaurant I think I picked up a little too much bacteria from the delicious fresh food.  My husband said if I would start drinking alcohol, then it'd help kill things in my stomach during meals.  Ha.

One morning it hit me, and I stayed in bed for most of the day.  My illness coincided with my cousin's cook's day off.  To help me heal, my cousin wanted to make me chicken soup.  She called her cook and asked how much water she needed to boil with the chicken bouillon cubes, and my cousin also asked what vegetables she should boil?

My cousin's cook yelled over the phone: "Stop what you're doing.  Get out of my kitchen.  I'm coming in."

My cousin's cook came in on her day off to make the most delicious chicken soup and to oversee my recovery by telling my cousin what to do.  Her soup was made with a whole chicken (no bouillon cubes!), fresh vegetables, and love.  The cook was very concerned about my health.  I thought it was sweet.  I felt like an infant because I had my husband, my cousin, and my cousin's cook nursing me back to health.  My cousin's cook told me I couldn't drink Sprite (even though the Nanny brought me Sprite) because the bubbles would be bad for me - the cook ordered my cousin to stir the Sprite a little bit to release some bubbles before she would give it to me.  It was an entertaining situation.

I bounced back after 24-hours.  And to help heal my "traveler's tummy" my first meal post a chicken soup breakfast was at McDonald's.  The Georgians only build architectural significant McDonald's.  Chicken nuggets and french fries seemed to kill anything alive remaining in my stomach!  I was back in business to continue the adventure...


  1. I love everything about this post. I can just imagine it as you told it; I was smiling the whole time.
    Some of my thoughts as I was reading - chicken bouillon cubes? That was going to be some salty soup, your cousin is her mom's daughter, obviously.... It is so cool that your cousin had vegetable on hand from which to choose - which ones to boil? .. . ..I totally relate to that feeling of loving the way people look after you when you are sick. Many of my favorite memories of Mom is the way she would be when we were sick. I can remember faking sickness when I was a kid just to get all that special nurturing - - I would take a bath and she would change the sheets. I would take another bath later the same day and she would straighten the sheets. 7-up would always be beside my bed because Dad said the 7-up syrup would settle stomach. . I must have been pretty young because I remember being in the middle bedroom . . . And that Sprite? Shake the can or bottle to get out the bubbles, But in my mind, the bubbles are always good for you, refreshing. . . . . . . And that McDonalds - just wow! . . . . and McDonald's chicken nuggets? you are your mom's son.

  2. One more --- the FIRST thing I noticed in the picture was the lovely plate and bowl.