Sunday, June 1, 2014

Georgia the Incredible

Hi.  I'm back.  We were traveling for two weeks.  Our first destination was Philadelphia to watch my husband collect his MBA, and then we hit up New York City, Paris, and Germany while we were in route to Georgia (the country), and we had very little down time to connect to our real world while we were connecting with our cousin's fantasy world of Georgia.

Georgia is ancient.  We toured ruins from 400 BC.

Georgia is bountiful.  We couldn't get enough of the mountains, the rivers, the forest, and the sea.  We saw snow capped mountains on our way to the beach.

Although I know it's impossible, I wish everyone could witness Georgia today while sitting shotgun with my cousin - we were treated like kings in her home and among her friends.  The country is still raw and it's a spectacular place right now...but in the three years since our last trip Georgia has continued to modernize.  I hope Georgia can continue to emerge into a modern economy while still preserving it's raw and unpolished state.  

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