Sunday, June 1, 2014

Making Out with a Dolphin

My husband has always made me feel valued, appreciated, and special.  When I graduated from college (even though we had only been dating for six months) my husband surprised me with a trip to Cozumel, Mexico where we could swim with dolphins.  My husband knew that I had dreamed about swimming with dolphins, and my husband wanted to make my dreams come true.

That was ten years ago.  I still remember the way my spirit soared when I was interacting with the dolphins in the water.  I felt connected to them by some invisible string, and spending time with dolphins made me feel like I was part of something bigger than myself.   It's similar to the feeling I had when my brother's wife let me hold my nieces within their first ten minutes of life.

While we were in Georgia we spent time on the black sea in Batumi, and my cousin arranged for us to swim with dolphins.  It was the same magical feeling all over again, and this time I also got to make out with my dolphin.   My dolphin was male, he had sired at least one baby dolphin in captivity, but I guess after he saw me in my swim trunks he knew we should take our relationship to the next level...

 Okay, maybe the trainer had him perform this trick.  Also, I was shocked at the power of the dolphin.  I had to use the wall to keep me up.  He was so strong and completely in control.  I was not in control.


  1. That is just beautiful. And they are so smart - smarter than dogs. Can you believe it? That must have been truly awe-ing.

  2. That dolphin to you for quite the ride! ;-)