Friday, June 20, 2014


We have a Georgian tradition.  When we're in the country at some point my cousin takes us through the narrow streets, the busy streets, and the back rooms of stores to shop for a vintage carpet.  It's a nice souvenir to remind us of our great Georgian adventures.  I love Georgia!

My husband picked up our newest rug from the Oriental Rug Cleaning company yesterday.  It looks beautiful at the bottom of the stairs.  Seeing the rug reminded me of our fun time purchasing it.  My cousin played "bad cop" as she informed the owners that their prices are too high.  My husband tried to speak to me in Spanish to figure out (without the store owner knowing) if I really liked the carpet.  Anytime the store owner dropped the price a $100 I was ready to hand over cash, but my husband and cousin wouldn't let me...

My husband acted like he didn't like the rug; even though he did.  My cousin kept saying "no one would pay that price" and "what's the real price" to the store owners.  It was fun seeing my cousin (who's a successful business woman) give the rug selling men such a hard time on price.  I tried to not get in trouble by paying for the rug before my husband and cousin had found the price floor.  In the end we gave the man our phone number and we walked away .  It was so hard to walk away!  My cousin waved away her driver, she didn't want them see that we had a driver, and we walked down the street.

Within 10 minutes the store owner called and said he agreed with our price, which was 45% off his starting price.

If you ever see my cousin and my husband walk into your store, then you are doomed.  They are tough negotiators.

Here's a current picture of the carpet we purchased on a first Georgian adventure, I think they said it was made in the 1950's...
Here's another picture of our Uzbekistan or Central Asian 80 to 90 year old carpet...


  1. Oh my - that is a fun story to hear. The Spanish speaking part cracked me up, and then your cousin waving away her driver. I loved reading this. The rug is beautiful - very unusual. . . . and I am so glad to see your precious dogs know to get in the picture - they make it even more fun. Great story!

  2. beautiful! what a great souvenir! and I would have a hard time haggling too - Im like $1,987? sounds fair

  3. Thanks for the sweet stroll down memory lane! I hope you enjoy your treasure as much as I treasure remembering how much I enjoyed helping you find it. It looks gorgeous! It was really hard to play bad cop, I just want you to know, when I REALLY wanted that carpet to go home with you. I love it and have never seen one like it!

  4. I'm taking your cousin and husband with me next time I go clothes shopping. Between the three of us the store won't stand a chance

  5. I love your new carpet and the 1st one as well! They're wonderful! And I know how you feel, Patrick. Sarah forbids me to open my mouth when we shop the bazaars. :)