Saturday, April 5, 2014


So, at the end of March we sold our house...

...we're officially the richest we've ever been.  Our house equity is sitting in our checking account.  I want to take the next few months off and follow Cher's Dress To Kill Tour around the US, buy some art, and enjoy life.  My husband, however, rolls his eyes when I ask how fast he thinks I could spend the cash in our checking account.

Our house equity was never supposed to hit our checking account, because we were supposed to close on our next house...

But, Wells Fargo gave us the run-around, those shysters, and on the day of the closing they revealed (for the first time) the earliest they could close was July 1, 2014.  WHAT?  My husband may or may not (wink, wink) be changing jobs at the end of July.  And even though there will be no interruptions in his employment (assuming he is changing jobs!) they said it was against their policy to close on a loan more than 30-days before a job change.  We found a new bank (one that's logical) and we're scheduled to close on the house in the upcoming week.

Fingers crossed.  It's hard being homeless.

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