Monday, April 21, 2014

Family Time

On Saturday we had our family over for a pre-Easter hamburger lunch.  Our house is in disarray as we get ready for the move, but it was nice to have everyone over for one last event in this house we've enjoyed for almost 6 years.
The Easter Bunny sent my brother an email to let him know my nieces eggs were hidden in the back yard of our new house.  After lunch we loaded up the family for the 1.3 mile journey to the new house.  It was the first time most of the family had seen our new house, which is in more disarray than our old house since our contractor is in the midst of adding flooring downstairs and painting upstairs.

It will take years before we have enough cash to upgrade the whole house.  We have multiple rounds of upgrades planned, but after this first round our new house will be significantly upgraded/updated.
After seeing the house my 84 year old grandfather (who was raised on a cotton farm in Big Springs, Texas) asked why two people needed a house this big.  My mother informed him that we are planning to have kids.  With that information my grandfather said, "they will be great parents."  That made me smile.

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  1. It is so exciting and enjoyable to watch you two turn a house into something that I can't even imagine when you start to do your magic.
    PS - Big Spring must have only had one spring because there is no "s"
    Saturday was a beautiful day at your house!