Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Color of Wood

The wood is installed in the new house, and it looks great.  It looks really great.  It makes me wish we had money left in our budget to install floors in the kitchen and upstairs too!  Now it's time to think about the stain, and at first I wanted dark floors (like everyone else) but two houses with light wood floors caught my eye recently, and I think I'm going for light:

I think light floors lean a bit more modern and less traditional, which is what I enjoy.  Plus, I feel like our furniture and art and rugs will pop in a lighter environment.  However, our contractor is pushing for dark wood floors.  He thinks dark looks best.  What do you think?


  1. Light for exactly the reasons you stared. You have an eye for this stuff. Trust your instincts. . . . Then support me for painting my library wood cobalt or indigo!

  2. You are just ahead of the times.

  3. Love the lighter floors! The view from here is stunning!