Sunday, December 29, 2013

What A Sunday

We made the rounds this Sunday.  We needed to experience our friends and family as my husband and I contemplated adopting a baby that is due in February.   Yes, a week ago a friend of a friend asked us to consider adopting her baby.  It was one of those moments in life when a bucket of cold water wakes you up from a nap; the shock and surprise was amplified because I was unaware until the cold water hit that I was napping.  We called attorneys.  We called some friends (Amy and Annie) who have adopted.  I started planning the decorating of the nursery.  We ran and reran budgets.  We'd need a nanny.

This Sunday we needed to make the rounds and talk in the car along the way.  We picked up an Uncle Julio's fajita pack at 11:00 AM for lunch with Adam and Eddie (and to see their sons), and then at 2:00 PM, it was a Sunday surprise, my cousin and her merry band of Georgians called to say they were stopping off in Dallas for lunch.  We sat with them at Company Cafe.  I might have had coffee and a slice of strawberry cake too.  Did I also mention that we're going back to Georgia in 2014, and we've already spent thousands of dollars on flights?!

After the Georgians moved on, they are always in motion, we loaded up our car with the last Christmas presents for my brother, my brother's wife, and our nieces.  Their house was flu free again, which meant it was a safe place again.

Our beloved little ladies seemed to enjoy the Madame Alexander Little Orphan Annie dolls we gave them...

But, it was hard to compete with the American Girl dolls with matching outfits my parents gave the girls...

The day had been joyous and when we returned home I made my mother's black beans and rice (comfort food for me) and a new recipe for black pepper and cheese cornbread.

Since we don't have unlimited money, adopting a baby in two months would delay our surrogacy plans for up to five years.  Both my husband and I want to prioritize surrogacy.  Also, 2014 is chaotic enough.  My husband has five more months of school, and his graduation will most likely change his career.  What does a career change mean for us?  We've already booked flights for weddings in February and a Georgian trip in May.  Also, I don't know if my work can be streamlined in two months to prepare for the six weeks away I'd need to take with the baby.  Yes, we could make this work.  However, the timing is off for us.  

Tomorrow I will call the mother and the attorneys and explain that the timing doesn't work for us.

What a Sunday.

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