Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Gifts

Last week my father turned 60 years old, and to celebrate we took him, my mother, and our uncle (who was in for Thanksgiving) out to eat at Hibiscus.  You know it's one of our favorite places to eat in Dallas.  I love their scallops and Brussels sprouts.  (Yes, that's correct I look forward to ordering their Brussels sprouts!  Don't judge.)  At one point in the dinner conversation, my uncle stated how lucky my husband and I are to have the love and support from both sides of our immediate family.  I know that's a gift, and it's always smart to reflect on the gifts in your life.

My uncle's long term boyfriend does not have the support of all members of his immediate family, which seems so unnecessary at this point in the game (of life).  They're handling that issue.

Nothing in life is permanent, and right now life is pretty spectacular for me.  I'm trying to appreciate the moment.  I'm trying to reflect on our (many) gifts.

What are all the gifts in your life?

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