Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Sheep Are Scary

I spied the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams black sheep earlier this fall when we were getting our teal velvet sofa.  My husband thought it was odd.  I thought it was delightful.  My husband, quite certain, said it was a waste of money to purchase the black sheep.
I enjoyed the scale of the object.  The humor of owning a "black sheep" and the style it adds to any space.   I believe in the necessity of having a home with a strong point of view.  Like my mother, I am not a beige person.  I don't like to play it safe with my interior.  I want to own a narrative home; I want the collections in our home to tell a story.  This black sheep also reminded me of our trip to Georgia (the country not the state) where our car would have to stop on the highway so large flocks of sheep would be able to cross the road.  And in the mix of the white sheep I would see the one or two black sheep.  (There's a black sheep in every family.)  It was spectacular to witness the cliche with my own eyes.  For whatever reason, I thought this black sheep was delightful.  My husband did not.  He said it was a waste of money.

Unbeknownst to me, when he saw they were on sale my husband coordinated the secret purchase of  a black sheep.  He even told the MGBW sales team to not let me purchase one if I tried.  My husband even had his mother go pick it up from the store  He said her first comment was: "Why would he want that?" (See above.)

My husband's parents had a black sheep hidden in their garage all fall, and when we were in town for Thanksgiving my husband gave me my Christmas gift way early.  I was shocked.  The fact that he doesn't like it, means that he really loves me, right?  He said: "I know it makes you happy.  I wanted you to have it."

I'm still surprised.

This is the video of Trigger meeting the new black sheep.  Please note that Dooley is fearless.  She cannot locate the threat Trigger is barking at...but she's running around the house searching for the danger.  Trigger is scared of the sheep.  This video makes me laugh.

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  1. I love everything about this post!
    1) strong sense of décor
    2) husband love
    3) great effort to give a wonderful surprise
    4) 2 examples of "like mother, like son."
    5) silly (watchdog) Trigger
    6) fearless Dooley
    My dogs came in here when they heard Trigger barking on the computer. Annie is still circling, hoping there is something for her to chase or snarl at; Blue is still hopping around, hoping (as always) that Annie's movements mean that she wants to play.
    Mom P