Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello Again

My grandmother died in October of 2011- over a year has past.  My grandfather had not been to the dry cleaners since her death.  He went for the first time last week.  They still had some of her things- a few blouses, a couple of pairs of white pants.  My grandmother always loved white pants.  She thought they were cooler.  My grandmother did not like to be hot.

My grandfather, not really knowing what to do with those items, gave them to my mother.  I saw them hanging in my mother's closest.  I recognized my grandmother's clothes.  In some ways I feel like it's my grandmother saying hello from wherever you go when you die.

The memories of my grandmother dying of cancer have faded in my mind, thank goodness, and now I can more easily remember the healthy times of her life.  Her death makes me realize that life is short.  As a 32 year old man I feel like I'm running out of time.  The clock is ticking. I have yet to accomplish my goals.  I must seize the day!

I love you Peaches.

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