Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Poppy

My mother took the family out to dinner at P.F. Chang's to celebrate my father's birth.  Our nieces stole the show from the birthday boy, because these girls are sensational.  Although, Paxten would not smile for the camera.  She told me "no" when I asked her to smile.  She's two.  Presley gave us a big smile.  She's as smart as she is beautiful.  Family time is so special.  We had my 82 year old grandfather all the way down to our nieces at the dinner table.  Just think of when my grandfather was the youngster at the family dinner table- the timeline of life.   At the family dinner table the roles remain, grandfather, mother, son, granddaughter, but the people move through the roles.  One day, if we're blessed, I hope to hold the grandfather role at the family dinner table.

My husband and I really need a baby.  My husband's sister just gave birth to our second nephew, Henry, but she won't let us adopt him.  I told her we'd pay top dollar, and we'd wait for her to finish breast feeding, but she still declined.

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