Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am weak.  I am human.  I am powerless to resist a furniture floor sample sale. I disappointed my husband this weekend when I brought home Crate&Barrel's design challenge winning Julie Misfsud chair.  It was 65% off of the retail price, which feels like a tremendous deal considering the amount of style this comfortable little chair brings to our bedroom.

At 65% off I think I saved my husband money.  He doesn't agree with my arithmetic.  He never has.  He says when I spend money I'm not saving money.  Let's agree to disagree, okay?

I think I'm a little disappointed in myself at my weakness.  Just a little.  It was an impulse buy, and floor samples cannot be returned.  When my husband is away on the weekends getting his MBA I get lonely/restless and so I go shopping.  It kills time.  It makes me smile.

As my punishment my husband says I'm going to have to fly coach to Israel.  Yes, my husband might have to travel to Israel, and I'm not letting him go without me.


  1. I love it! I want it!
    I bought new plates at West Elm because they were on sale. What a bargain! My husband also disagrees with my arithmetic.

  2. Randy still says he messed up when he sent you with me to "look" at the granite that we bought that day for our countertops. He thinks we are just alike. I distinctly remember him telling us to pick out the granite, which certainly sounds like we were to buy it. Everyone but Kevo knows you have to spend money to save it. : )

  3. Nikki - West Elm has plates on sale? - Now that's something I find hard to resist, on sale or not. That and bed treatments.....