Monday, October 29, 2012


Many months ago I told my boss that I'd work harder if he'd pay me in Williams-Sonoma gift cards.  We had a laugh.   This weekend a courier dropped off a care package from my boss which included a fat Williams-Sonoma gift card and a note from my firms' leadership thanking me for my hard work and positive contributions.

It felt amazing to be recognized and appreciated by my leadership team; I was a bit taken back by how amazing it made me feel...An unexpected gift at an unexpected time (as my father always said) makes the most positive impact.

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  1. That is wonderful to have a boss that appreciates you and remembers small things like your comment from months ago.
    As your mom and one who knows you very well, I also know that it is wonderful for your boss to have you on his team. Where ever you are.......... you make it better.