Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Justification for a Higher Education

My mother was my 7th grade reading teacher, my 8th grade English teacher, and my 12th grade AP Government and Economics teacher.  She spent a lot of time creating a classroom that promoted learning, and the posters that hung on her walls even promoted thought.  I still recall this exact "Justification for Higher Education" poster hanging on her wall.  Clearly it's trying to motivate car-crazy teenagers to study harder.

Last night when I saw our garage with TWO Infinitis parked inside I thought of that poster that hung on my mother's classroom wall.  It made me smile with pride.


  1. awh, that's so sweet. Those cars are not nearly as big of a justification for higher education as your words are justification for having children...

  2. Beware - if you get the house in the poster, I'm moving in with y'all!