Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beautiful Mother

About a year ago, I saw this Bitossi Ceramics in Rimini Blu plater and I immediately thought of my mother.  I bought it to give to her for Christmas, but after a few months I took it out of the closest and gave the gift to myself.  (Does that make me selfish?)  I would find another Christmas gift for my mother.  When she was at the house I pointed it out as her gift that I gave myself.  She tried to steal it from my house a few times - as a joke.  This year for my birthday my mother saw the cylindrical vessel and immediately thought of me.  She bought it and gave it to me even though it would look beautiful in her house too.

I think we proved again that my mother is a better person than I am.  I think of my mother when I see these ceramics in my house.  I love it.

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  1. This post is a wonderfully touching gift. It brings me such sweet and big emotions that any thing I say seems petty in comparison...... I think your mom has you brainwashed in some respects but I bet she is not going to do anything to correct it, in fact I know she is not. I wish everyone could have a son like you... I won the lottery on sons & their spouses.