Thursday, July 19, 2012


When I was growing up my mother was a member of DAM - Mothers Against Dyslexia.  (That's an old joke.  It still makes me smile.)

My current client, the CFO of the organization, asked me if I was dyslexic.  I'm always disappointed in myself when people ask if I'm dyslexic, because I feel like I've failed in some way to compensate for my mind.  I answered my client's question with the truth; yes, I am dyslexic.  He replied with an enthusiastic: "I can tell!"  Doh!  I guess he could also tell I was a little stressed by the question, because my client then informed me that the CEO is also dyslexic.  Booyeah!  That made me feel better.

If it were possible I wouldn't want to change who I am, because I am the man my husband loves!  He loves all of me - even my dyslexic mind.  However, sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I wasn't dyslexic.  Oh, well...and life goes on...

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  1. I know no one more perfect than you, Darlin!
    I think the same thing that makes you dyslexic is what makes you creative and unique. Einstein was dyslexic - I know you have heard that so many times. Remember that Apple (I think it was Apple)slogan - "Think Different." You do, and you're precious and charming. People are pulled toward you. I assure you, that guy was trying to figure you out because you are so wonderfully special.
    I would not want one thing changed about you....And don't say one more word - you don't get to get in the last word. I do. Wink. Love, love, love you!