Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All White Garden

My goal for our front yard is to have an all-white blooming landscape.  The anchor of this vision has always been three Natchez crape myrtles to breakup our single-story roof line.   The two Natchez crape myrtles flanking our front door are thriving, but we haven't been able to get the third one to live.  Two other crape myrtles have held the third spot, but neither one has lived.   I have to have three, because everyone knows there is more beauty in odd numbers.

The third time is the charm...

My husband's mother showed up to our house looking all cute in her 1996 blue Chevy extended cab Z71 gardening pickup (the dream car of my 16 year old self) with another Natchez this weekend.  She wished me a happy earlier birthday, and gave us instructions on how to properly plant and care for this third one.  I know we'll be successful, because we've started with a younger tree and better instructions.  Plus, when we planted the tree we used expanded shell, earthworm castings, liquid seaweed, organic potting soil, and some voodoo dirt concoction my husband's mother gave us.  

If you're in our neighborhood, then stop by and bless our tree.  Maybe do a little dance around the tree? Live, live, live!

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