Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Dog - Attack?

My friends Nikki and the human Sarah Dooley (our daughter's namesake) sent along this little white beast.  It was an unexpected gift at an unexpected time - such a delight!  They felt like this dog was calling out my name, and needed to be in my home.  I agree.

When I first placed it on the ground Dooley was very territorial.  The hair on her back stood up as a low growl emerged from her throat.  I could see her nose working hard to absorb any identifying smells.  She finally got close to our new addition and determined she didn't need to attack.

Interestingly enough, Trigger who relies on smell (he's a sent hound) more than sight did not give this statue a second thought.  His nose told him there was not another dog in the house.

Thank you Nikki and Dooley!  XOXO.

July 2012 is my month; I'm feeling really loved, and I hope everyone experiences a month of love too!

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  1. Rosie really, really hated the dog and growled and barked at it for 30 min straight when I brought it home! Rusty, on the other hand, gave it a lick and went back to sleep. Happy birthday!