Friday, April 13, 2012

So Much Love

Life includes disappointments, missed opportunities, sadness and losses for each and every one of us.  That's life.  The challenges in life only ensure that we can celebrate with more enthusiasm the joys, gifts, and happiness-es that are also included in life.  Life is beautiful.

In October, my mother lost her mother after a long battle with cancer.  In December, my mother had an accident which fractured her skull and bruised her brain. She has a traumatic brain injury, which is still healing.  This year my mother retired so she could focus on healing.  My mom loved her job; she was passionate about teaching.  She was passionate about her students.  And apparently my mom's high school loved her too because the entire high school created an Lip Dub dedicated to my mother.

As her son, it overwhelms my heart with happiness and love when I watch this video and hear the entire school yell at the end "We love you Mrs. Parker."

You must watch this 8 minute video.

Life is beautiful.

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  1. I have never seen so many loving tributes made to anyone for anything. And it's so fitting! Year after year after year of watching Susanne poor her heart into her teaching and then go soooooo many extra miles with the MT Team, I have thought how lucky are her students. Turns out I wasn't the only one who noticed. :)