Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thank You Marines

Tonight we walked into a restaurant behind two Marines each with a date.  The Marines were in their dress uniforms, and as gentlemen they held the doors open for their girlfriends, but they then insisted that my husband and I follow behind their dates.  Meaning the two Marines held the doors open for us too.   It was nice.  Once inside the restaurant they hustled ahead of us to get back to their female friends.

After we finished our meal we discretely told the server of the Marines' table to bring us their check.  The server was taken back a bit.  He asked if we wanted to pay just for the two Marines or if we wanted to include their dates too?  We laughed.  We told him to bring the check for the entire table.  The server then asked if we wanted to meet the Marines?  Again we laughed.  We told him we just wanted to discretely take care of their meal.  The server came back with the check and went on and on about how nice we were to do this.  No, no - we're not the ones serving our country, defending our freedom, and possibly sacrificing our body or life in the line of duty.  The least we could do is pick up their check for one meal.

As we walked out I glanced back at their table.  The two girlfriends were smiling at us.  I guess the server ratted us out!  I smiled back and we walked out the doors.  It was our random act of kindness for the week.

If you ever get the chance to pick up the check of a soldier in uniform, then I highly recommend it.  It made us happy, it made their server happy, it made our server happy, and hopefully it made the Marines feel valued, loved, appreciated by two strangers in Dallas, Texas.

I wish I could afford to do more.  But if everyone does what they can...then the world is a happier place.  

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  1. The 6 of you; (P&K, 2 Marines & 2 girlfriends) just gave me goosebumps....That was so sweet.