Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alive Awake Alert Enthusiastic

What a week.  Here's the numbers that have been swirling in my mind this past week:

  • One week
  • Two parents
  • Three emergency room visits
  • Six nights in the hospital
  • One long road to recovery
Who knew my father was so romantic?   While my mother was in the hospital recovering from her brain trauma my father, perhaps in an act of solidarity, had a mild stroke and ended up in the hospital too.  The good news is that, in time, they both are expected to recover nicely.  Also, this week has focused my entire family on what's important- the joy of living!  Life is short, fragile, delicate, and can unexpectedly change at any time.  Life is a risky journey; therefore, we need to soak up the joy in each moment we have together.

I think we might rename "Christmas" this year.  We're going to call it "Thanksgiving" because my family is so thankful that my parents will be a-okay!


  1. Love is the best thing ever. Our love for each other is astounding , magical. I will need a lot of time to pay a lot of people back. I love love.

  2. I love all of u more than I can communicate. Happy. Thankful.

  3. It was fun to feel my heart light up when I saw you.... Or now when I think of any of u