Monday, July 25, 2011

They're in LOVE

On Saturday night we attended our friends' extremely elegant wedding. It was one of the most thorough weddings I've attended to date- not one single detail was missed.  The bride's wedding dress with its never-ending veil was spectacular.  The reception had more flowers than the Rose Bowl parade, delicious food, and an endless supply of drinks!  The band was talented and smart- with the passing of time the songs became increasingly geared for a younger crowd.

Both the bride and groom are ridiculously attractive (they were born that way!) and they looked even more beautiful Saturday night because it was obvious they are in LOVE.  The groom was the most flirtatious and perhaps mischievous when he was retrieving the garter from the top of his new wife's thigh.  A bride and groom should show their passion for each other at their wedding reception.  It was so endearing. 

The groom asked his bride to marry him when they were on a house boat vacation with all the members of her family.  To celebrate their engagement location the groom's cake was a replica of the house boat.

Hooray for friends that throw incredible weddings!  Hooray for love!  Hooray for happily ever after!

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  1. Love this post and couldn't agree more. How am I just now discovering your blog?!?