Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cake, Wine, Hibiscus, 42

Our friends Del and Jason are spending some time with us in Dallas, and last night my parents came to town and here's an outline of all the fun we had together!
  • My parents, Del and Jason, and my husband and I ate pound cake with homemade vanilla Grape-Nuts ice cream.  (My mom is such a great cook.)
  • The same group turned in their cake plates for wine glasses and we had a happy hour around the kitchen table
  • My parents and my husband and I went to eat at Hibiscus in Dallas.  It is one of my favorite eating establishments.  The food is spectacular and the atmosphere is chill.
  • After dinner we went back to our house, where my parents and my husband and I played 42 (a domino game)
  • My husband and I were partners and we lost to my parents.
It was a great night.  

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