Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving Sale

Our friends Jim and Donna just made a genius real estate move.  They purchased a 2008 Mediterranean style house that had been foreclosed on by the bank, and the purchase price was less than what they sold their 1940-ish Dutch colonial house.  They got a better house for less money in the same neighborhood.

They used this opportunity to liquidate all their old stuff.  Jim said it was very freeing to put most of their stuff up for sale!  So we stumbled out of bed at six o'clock on Saturday morning to help them work their garage sale. It was insane.  People host garage sales for one of two reasons; 1) to make money or 2) to get rid of stuff.  Jim and Donna wanted to get rid of stuff.  Apparently their prices were incredible, which resulted in a mob of people.   I learned that in Dallas if you find a great garage sale you have to call all of your friends and tell them to hurry over! One lady told me this was the best garage sale she's been to all year, and she disclosed that she goes to a lot of garage sales.  (She might have been a hoarder.)

It was crazy, but it was also a lot of fun.  Everyone was so happy.  We laughed all morning long.

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