Sunday, March 20, 2011

Swinging Along

This is an action shot of Paxten (my brother's youngest daughter) swinging at the park on Saturday.  Paxten will be one year old this week. It's very enjoyable watching her personality emerge as she gets older.  Her newest accomplishment is that she is a walker.  I expect to be able to walk, but she doesn't expect to be able to walk, which means she's happy when it works out.  You can see the thrill in her eyes as she walks to her destination- some of her steps can still be unstable- but she's a happy walker.  It makes me excited to walk when I see how happy she is to walk.

(And Paxten's mom: Please don't study this photo- I forgot to put on a bib on her before I handed her watermelon and cantaloupe slices; while feeding herself she became a fruit juice mess...and I didn't change her before we walked to the park.  Sorry!)

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