Monday, March 14, 2011

Lady Gaga

Our Bikram yoga studio canceled last night's 5:00 PM (public) class because Lady Gaga is in town and she wanted a private yoga class during that time.  I am not complaining because I really enjoy Lady Gaga's music and  individually she has done more to champion gay rights these past two years than any other hetero.   In fact, I am 30-year-old "Little Monster," which means if Lady Gaga wants to practice yoga on my dinning room table, then I'll happily heat our house to 105 degrees with 40% humidity.  

But I'm writing this post because I started thinking about Lady Gaga's power.  Our studio canceled their 5:00 PM class last night because she's in town and she wanted to take a private class; how many individuals have the power to do that?  It's significant. She's only 24 years old!  Only current A-list celebrities and U.S.A. Presidents could wield that much power. 

My dream for Lady Gaga is that in 30 years (when she's 54) she'll roll in to town the night before her sold out show and still have enough power to cause our studio to cancel class to serve her needs.  I really do wish this for her.    Thank you Lady Gaga for sticking up for the minority's rights! 

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