Sunday, March 13, 2011

Face Time Surgery

This is a photo of our kitchen table post-surgery.  Dooley's belly was reacting to the dissolvable stitches left there from her hysterectomy.  My husband took her back to the vet on Friday- they said to keep an eye on it and come back on Monday if it looks worse?!  On Sunday the two spots on her belly created puss.  We were worried about our baby girl.  We had my husband's father who is also a surgeon look at her belly via the iPhone's FaceTime.  He said the two stitches had to come out in order for her spots to heal.  I held the iPhone and played the part of the camera man.  My husband (he played the part of Dr. McSteamy) held Dooley  while he followed his father's instructions: cut, squeeze, pull, clean.  It was like we were orbiting the earth and my husband's father was NASA calling out directions remotely.  In less than ten minutes the two stitches were out, the puss was removed, and our baby girl is on the road to recovery.

I was very proud of my husband and his father; they make a great team, and it was easy for the two of them to work together remotely.  My husband and his father speak their own language that does not include many words; it was very similar to when we go sailing together- I am the foreigner that cannot speak their word-less language, but it's fun to watch.

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  1. very impressive!!!!
    (Although it kind of disappoints me in the vet.)