Friday, February 4, 2011

Warm Food

We ventured out into the whiteness in search of food. Thank goodness for four-wheel drive. We passed a couple of stuck cars; we were passed by a couple of ambulances. We ended up at our favorite neighborhood Indian restaurant, Roti Grill. It was open, but we were the only customers. When we walked in the staff was eating Coal Vines pizza and watching Spanish Soap Operas. They stopped their lunch so they could make us lunch. The tomato soup is amazing- they serve it in a coffee mug. You must try this tomato soup.

After lunch we stopped by Central Market, The K9 Commissary, and our neighbor's house. We're back at home with both people and dog food, and we're ready to wait-out the coldness. I just got the new House Beautiful magazine, which I plan to read, and my husband is working in his office...

Ah, I love snow days.

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