Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Open Drawers

My husband has the ability to close a drawer in our chest of drawers when he gets out a pair of socks or his underwear or his undershirt, but he does not. He leaves them wide open. This used to annoy me. "Close the drawers!" I'd holler at him as I slid it back into place.

Similarly, I have the ability to secure the lid to anything with a childproofed lid- pill bottles, Listerine, etc., but I do not. I just set the lid on top of the bottle, because it makes it easier to open the next time. I think this annoys my husband; especially since sometimes he picks up items by their lids and he always assumes they are secured even when they are not. More than once ibuprofen pills have been scattered across our bathroom floor and I hear the many tiny tapping sounds of pills hitting the floor followed by my husband shouting: "HONEY!"

It used to annoy me, but now I think it's charming that my husband is incapable of sliding a drawer back into place; when he is away on business I miss walking into the bedroom and seeing open drawers. I like to think if I was away on business my husband would miss the excitement I add by leaving our lids ajar.

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