Saturday, February 26, 2011

Completely Inappropriate

At work I often feel like a lone ranger.  I work at a conservative firm, and I'm the only gay employee.  I'm also the only gay person many of my colleagues have ever known. I've blogged before about how sometimes I get tired of being the first gay person in a situation, but if I want my future children to live in a more perfect world, then I need to blaze the trail in my own way.  Before I was hired my colleagues only knew of gay people from friends of friends, popular culture, movies, etc.  Now they know me.  They know my husband.  And I feel completely accepted at work.

However, sometimes I have bad days at the office.  This week a director, who is recently divorced called me into his office.  I first need to explain that technically as a "director" this guy out-ranks me, but he is not in my chain of command since I report to the CFO.  I think he thinks of me more as a peer- even though I don't have the fancy title or big director pay check!  So this director called me into his office.  He began the conversation with the following statement: "I know this is completely inappropriate for work, but..."  (Note to the world: if you have to begin a question with the statement: "I know this is completely inappropriate for work, but..."  then you shouldn't ask the question while at work!) 

You might not want to continue to read this post.  (Especially if you're my mother or my husband's mother.)

"I know this is completely inappropriate for work, this office you're the best person to ask..." 

This director went on to say that he was dating a girl that was open to having anal intercourse, but he had tried it once and it didn't work for them.  He wanted to know if I had any tips on how to successfully have anal intercourse?  I laughed at the question.  I was shocked.  Surprised.  Nervous.  I was at work.  I was in this guy's office during regular business hours, and he was asking me about anal intercourse!?

The situation was completely inappropriate, and it really bothered me.

I think I'm ready to start looking for a new job... 

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