Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trigger and Dooley

One of my beloved friends is named Sarah Dooley. A long time ago I told her I'd have to name my daughter or my dog after her, and it looks like the stars have aligned to make that happen in 2010. We're adopting (purchasing) a 5-month-old French bulldog on Wednesday that is already named "Sarah." However, Sarah is a name for a pretty lady- I know only beautiful Sara's/Sarah's in my life. I didn't think "Sarah" was appropriate for a pretty French bulldog.

When I mentioned to my brother that we were working to adopt "Sarah" he immediately said that we should call her "Dooley!" The idea was funny to my husband too. He likes both the person and the name Dooley! Once I got approval from my husband, I got clearance from the pretty lady Dooley that she'd be honored and not offended that her namesake is a four-legged Frenchy.

This weekend we've been preparing the house for the arrival of Dooley! The era of Martha Fauker and Trigger Monkey has ended, but we're starting the era of Trigger Monkey and Sarah Dooley!

"Trigger & Dooley" starts on Wednesday! Get ready.


  1. I am so honored and delighted! I can't wait to meet little Miss Dooley!