Sunday, November 7, 2010

Presley and Paxten Weekend

This weekend my brother and his wife got a 36-hour vacation. My father and I took care of the girls yesterday, and then my husband and my mother joined us in time for supper and bedtime rituals. Right now my mother and my father are still taking care of their granddaughters until my brother and his wife return from their weekend get away.

I had so much fun spending time with my nieces, but I'm always amazed at how all-consuming it is to care for young children. Every moment is devoted to them; it makes me want to give my brother and his wife more 36-hour vacations.

I really enjoyed my 12-hour shift with my father and the girls and my husband and my mom. The highlight was when Presley looked at me and said that she loved me as she squeezed my neck.

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