Monday, November 15, 2010

House Visit

In honor of Martha Fauker and the enormous hole in my heart her death has created I decided last week to stop looking at pictures of Martha Fauker and start exploring the adoption of another French bulldog. Some days when I get home from work I have a difficult time accepting that Martha Fauker is gone for good. I know I won't replace her, but I'm ready to create a new space in my heart for another dog. Plus, the energy of the house with just one dog is not the same. Trigger needs a new pack.

In my search I came across a breeder that has a 5-month old female Frenchy named "Sarah," the breeder had planned to keep and show Sarah but her teeth aren't ideal in the way they developed and that would hurt her in competition.

In order to adopt this dog we had to complete an online application, have a phone interview, and tomorrow we will have a home visit by the breeder's friend that lives in Dallas. When I say we're adopting her I mean that we're paying money for her. This process is interesting. I like the fact that this breeder cares about where she places her dogs.

I'm ready to bring this pup home. She doesn't live in if we pass the home inspection, then we'll have to go get her this weekend.

Life goes on...

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